Astro Turf Surfacing

Astro Turf Maintenance

Astro Turf Maintenance

We offer a large selection of astro surfaces for your sports pitch plans. The type you will require will depend on the sports activities you are hoping to carry out. There is a lot of crossover with most of our surfaces and the sports they are suitable for, so we really do have astro turf solutions for everyone.

As experienced astro turf contractors, we know how important it is that your surfacing is weather resistance. You will want your turf to withstand even the bleakest Great British weather, and to allow for all year round play. Fortunately, our surface options are all weather surfaces and this means they are designed to not get flooded or waterlogged. Here’s a look at the different surfaces we currently work with:

Sand filled astro

This astro turf has a short pile height which will allow a ball to glide easily across it. It’s extremely durable and is ideal for school use where lots of children mean heavy foot traffic. It’s also perfect for hockey.

Sand dressed astro

Similar to sand filled astro, this fort of turf is covered in sand to ensure that the grass fibres will keep their structure. Again, this turf is ideal for hockey and is highly durable.


This surfacing is hard wearing in all weathers and is extremely slip resistant. It’s perfect for fast paced games like basketball and netball, also popular as a tennis court surface. They say it’s ideal for a multi-use games area.

3G grass

This is really the only suitable astro surface for rugby, and it’s an artificial grass that is great for football too. This surface has long grass fibres which look similar to real lawn. It is filled with sand or rubber pellets to provide structure and grip.


Tarmacadam (or simply, Macadam) is the hardest wearing of all the surface options we provide. It has excellent grip and can be coated with an anti-slip paint coating for even further resistance.


This is the perfect surface choice for athletic tracks. It is woven together to give extra pile height but is extremely durable and easy to repair if needed. Needlepunch is a popular choice for primary schools and public parks.

The biggest influencing factor in the price of your project is the area size that you are looking to get covered. Obviously, the bigger the surface area the more expensive the project is going to be. When you have the budget, we can also assist with important pitch additions such as fencing and floodlighting. Get in touch to find out more.