Astro Turf Contractors

If you’re looking for experts in the field of all-weather pitch surfaces, look no further than us. We have over twenty years’ experience in the sports surfacing industry and pride ourselves on assisting a diverse range of clients across the UK. We can help you understand what surfacing is best for your institution and strive to provide you with the best value product for your requirements, always at the highest standard possible.


Astro Turf Surfacing

Astro Turf Surfacing

Deciding which artificial sports surface is right for you takes time and consideration. As expert astro turf contractors we can help make this decision much easier. We will talk you through the many factors which will influence the type of astro turf you pick – all suitable for sporting activities of every kind, including rugby, football and hockey.


As reliable Astro Turf Contractors, we ensure that all our sporting surfaces are 100% usable in every weather condition. Our turf has a permeable finish which allows water to pass through both the artificial grass layer and the foundations beneath so that the ground is truly all purpose. Our surfaces are built using reduced fine angular stones for a durable quality that still allows water to pass through effectively. Head to our surfacing page for further info on the features of our different pitch surfacing options.


10.1Whichever turf you opt for, it is important that you give your sports surface regular, proactive maintenance that will prevent any issues arising with the pitch’s porous design. The best way to do this is to ensure that all contaminations are dealt with by brushing and deep cleaning the artificial grass fibres. The turf infill also needs to be maintained and topped-up appropriately to prevent flooding.

Should any damage occur to your surfacing, reactive maintenance may also be required on occasion to ensure the lifespan of our product; this may include seam repairs, infill rejuvenation or full resurfacing. Head to our maintenance page for further details on astro turf maintenance.


With the various different turf carpets and specifications we offer comes the different types of astro turf constructions carried out. We ensure that our clients have a great deal of freedom to choose exactly the right turf and construction means for their sports facility; we will customise your quote to fit with your pitch needs and budget, always ensuring that we can still deliver the highest quality product. We offer a number of additional pitch features should you need them too. We can install different fencing options – with a selection of heights to choose from – as well as floodlighting – which ensures your pitch is suitable for use all year round, even when it gets dark early. As experienced astro turf contractors we have found floodlighting to be an extremely popular addition for private and public leisure centres across the country.