Astro Turf Maintenance

9.1When you have a brand new all-weather turf pitch installed, you will want to ensure that it stays in top quality for as long as possible. This is where maintenance is so important. With a regular and thorough maintenance schedule, you can be sure that your sports surfacing not only looks its best but, is as safe as possible too. A well maintained surface can reduce the chances of injury due to slipping or tripping on contaminations on the turf. The right maintenance will also guarantee that the porosity of the surfacing is kept to its maximum efficiency, avoiding water logging of your pitches.

There are two main types of astro turf maintenance, both as important as each other; reactive and proactive maintenance.

Reactive maintenance is where you deal with a problem that has already arisen, so this would include making repairs to surface rips or problems as well as general resurfacing or infill rejuvenation.

Proactive maintenance is upkeep that anticipates problems before it happens, to prevent it. Examples including drag brushing your turf regularly to remove potential contamination like twigs and levels; this will also help spread infill around again to ensure a level field and stop piles of sand building up. A deep surface clean is another example of proactive maintenance activity. This will further remove potential contaminants and avoid problems cause by moss or algae.

With the right proactive maintenance, reactive maintenance may rarely need to be carried out.

When you purchase a sports surfacing, the cost of all-weather astro turf should be considered an investment to the safety and comfort of your customers, clients, team members or pupils. The cost of astroturf is generally reflective of the quality, but the biggest factor in price will be the surface area you are looking to cover.

With the right maintenance schedule you can be sure that your investment will last as long as possible and be as safe as possible for its users. The cost of maintenance will also be determined by the size of the sports facility in questions. Get In touch to find out more about maintenance with Astro Turf Contractors.